Sunday, September 9, 2007


I went out to Fraser Field today to welcome the team home. I made a big Welcome Home Spirit sign. Their bus was supposed to be in at 5 but they got in 4:30 instead.Good thing I was early! Everyone else that was going missed them. Most of the guys on the bus waved to me when they saw me and Alex Trezza came over and was talking to me after he got off the bus. It would be so awesome if some of the guys on the team found my blog and left me a note.
We're #1

I have a homework assignment for everybody!
The players will think they're at Fenway
Make sure you look at the pictures in the earlier entries on my blog.


Anonymous said...

The Spirit just needs to hire YOU as marketer! Keep up the hard work and your spirit!!

DaveCo said...

I woud've went but I only found out about that at about 4....cause i was out al day getting myself a new camera. =]

Glad someone went though.....nice work! ^_^

kenuhdee said...

Maybe the Spirit will come back in 2009?!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work you are doing Victoria; with that kind of SPIRIT and effort,you can't go wrong.

Jill and Dave

Grant Salzano said...

DO NOT WASH YOUR JERSEY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Theriault said...

Victoria you may only be a "KID" but your mature well beyond your age. I commend you for your effort to keep the Spirit in Lynn and hope something can be done to do so. My son Andy Theriault #9 is this years Bullpen Catcher and I know he has had a wonderful time being part of the Spirit. Keep up the hard work and keep the "Spirit" never give up on your dreams and I look forward to seeing you this week at the game !!!

Anonymous said...

I Wish Mayor Clancy would come to the games and see how much you and other fans love the Spirit. Maybe then he would realize the city has to find a way to keep the Spirit at Fraser Field! Keep up the good work. You can fight city hall.

Ghost with no name said...

Spirit is another name for ghost and it appears after this series both Nashua and Lynn will be ghost towns when it comes to pro baseball.
I have been to both parks and am sorry to see the teams leave. In fact, Nashua ticket prices for games 1 AND 2 are only $1 EACH!!

If you haven't been to Nashua, Holman Stadium is only 45 miles from Lynn via Rte 128 North to Rte 3 North )Exit 6 in NH.

May the best team win!!

Christina said...

You have to been one of the teams best fans! I thank you for tell ing everyone you can about the Spirit not returning next season.
I've printed your petition and will do what I can.
Good work,the Spirit should be grateful for having a fan like you!

Harry Agganis said...

Hey Victoria,
I just wanted to Thank you for trying your best to keep the Spirit in Lynn !
Maybe you could talk Mayor Clancy into getting the Bussiness Owners in Lynn together and going togeter to buy the Spirit from the Current Owner ! or if Parking is a problem maybe you could get Mayor Clancy to provide an off site parking lot and a bus to transport them to the baseball stadium and back to the parking lot after the games on game nights !
Mitchell { Lets Win Red Sox & Lets Stay Spirit }
I no longer Live in Lynn but
I'm a member of the Lynn Museum & Historical Society

Harry Agganis said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything, Victoria. I am both excited for this weekend and sad about it. You are a modern day "Joan of Arc"...a leader whom people will follow. :)
Dave D. :)

Patty said...

Okay Victoria,
It's almost 3:00pm Friday-we shall see you at the ball park in just a little bit-lets cross our fingers-we need a BIG win-but we can do it-"GO SPIRITS" #1 God Bess Basesball and Victoria. :)

PaydayLoans said...

pMPsFa You have a talant! Write more!