Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm NOT Quitting even though Trezza was sold

Today Nick Lopardo posted a letter on the North Shore Spirit Website saying the team won't be back but I'm not giving up. I'm still continuing my SOS campaign and I have 427 signatures. the story was in the Boston Globe North today. it's online at and has a video of the last game. If I can i'll try to get a copy of the channel 5 story and post it on my blog too.
The bad news is Alex Trezza was sold to the Worcester Tornados. I wish i could go to the games to see him play but it's too far. Even if I went to Worcester I WILL NEVER cheer for the Worcester Tornados even if Trezza is on the team. My only teams are North Shore Spirit and the Red Sox. People wouldn't think it was no big deal if the Red Sox stopped playing and quit Fenway. People wouldn't just go pick another team to cheer for and I won't do that to the Spirit. I'm still going to try to save the team. I grew up at Spirit games at Fraser Field and made a lot of friends there. The mayor didn't even talk to me about all the petitions I sent him. This stinks.

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