Friday, September 14, 2007

Bye Spirit Bye Fraser Field Bye Alex Trezza

Bye Spirit Bye Fraser Field Bye Alex Trezza!
I can't believe the Spirit lost tonight. I am so sad. I cried all the way home. I can't believe I'll never get to see the North Shore Spirit play at Fraser Field again. I feel so bad for the players, my friends at Fraser, Nick Lopardo and all the kids that won't get to have fun next summer at Spirit Games.
Bye Spirit Bye Fraser Field Bye Alex Trezza!

Thank you Nick for giving me the Spirit chair. I love it but I'd rather have the Spirit back next year.
We have a field and the North Shore Spirit exercised an option for 2008 on almost all the team. There's no reason we can't bring them back! Nashua was going to fold this year and decided to give it 1 more year.
Mayor Clancy if you read this please help and do something to help bring the Spirit back.


Anonymous said...

I saw you on channel 5. Way to go! If the Spirit come back they should use you in all their ads. You were great! I also saw you at the game last night when you got a chair. We're all proud of you for trying to save the team. Don't give up yet. I'll help sending out emails and trying to get people to sign the petition.

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria,
#9's Aunt and whole Family here !
Saw you at game last night and sad also that no more Spirits, but TONS of memories . I told your Grand mother that you have made a lifetime of new friends so when ever you are feeling down just e-mail one of us.We can talk about all the fun times at Fraser.Take care Victoria we will all always think fondly of you.You are a "CHAMPION"

Joe Grav said...

You're an awesome fan Victoria. Keep up the good work!

Patty said...

Great Job Victoria .You are a role model and inspiration to all of us.Your caring heart and dedication will be remembered by all ESPECIALLY the ball players and ,Mr.Lopardo and all affiliated with Spirit organization.But for us fan you showed the true meaning of " A FAN " and for that we ALLL Thank you !!! Think back of all the Happy times and memories you have had and realized you have been blessed because some kids never get to go to a game.You mmy dear have made countless friends and many fans of your own.God Bless !

Anonymous said...

Victoria, I have cried and cried too. It wasn't just losing last night (although that was heartbreaking), it is that I can't tell my sons "wait until next year." My ten year old told me despite the loss he was glad we were there at the end. There is something to be said for passion and loyalty even when things go wrong.

Best of luck to you. You are a terrific girl and you will make your own luck in this world. Tell Mayor Clancey that a lot less out-of-towners will be coming into Lynn now.

-MaryBeth (huge Spirit fan from Hamilton)

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria,
Jill and I are going to miss seeing your smiling face @ games...for a time.
I believe we will see Baseball @ Fraser again in the not-too-distant future.
Keep up the great work and believe, that will make happen what you wish come true.
Jill and Dave

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the Spirits lost last night. We don't get Channel 5 where I live so I couldn't watch you on the news but I LOVED the video of you getting your chair!!! That was great!!! Love, Bonnie

DaveCo said...

Ditto to what Dave said.