Friday, September 7, 2007

The Spirit Won Game 3

YES! The Spirit beat the Surf in Atlantic City 5-4 to take game 3 tonight and Trezza hit a home run! BJ Weed, Torres and all the guys were great! We're unstoppable! Lets finish it Saturday night by taking Game 4 then it's 2 on the road and 3 at home for the CHAMPIONSHIP! GO SPIRIT!
I'm just a kid but I'm not going to let the Spirit go without a fight so lets keep working on ways to bring the Spirit back to Fraser Field next year! Sign the petitions and get everyone else to sign! Lynn needs the Spirit!
Please sign my online petition and send this to everyone you know

This link is to a petition you can print out and have people sign. The blog entry before this tells you where to send them

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job from our "Boys from Fraser" down in Atlantic City! Way to go! Think I've caught PLAYOFF FEVER! GO SPIRIT!
Would like to know who has the petitions - count me in! Being a Spirit fan over the past five years has been quite an experience! We are all one big family. We certainly can't just sit back and let the Spirit dissolve at the end of the season! We have to stand together as a group and let our voices be heard! Hopefully, there is still time to act! ATTENTION ALL BLOGG READERS: Stand up and be counted!Voice your support! CALL, WRITE or EMAIL to City Hall and let Mayor Clancy know how YOU feel! Together as a group we CAN make a difference! GO SPIRIT!