Friday, September 21, 2007

Media Coverage Where have they been for 5 years & NO ICE SKATING

Here's a link to the North Shore Sunday Article

Link to Boston Globe Story

Leave it Lynn to get rid of the best thing in the city for kids. Guess what Lynn has an ice skating rink and it has public skating. Great right? NOT! It's CLOSED IN THE SUMMER and open for public skating Monday through Friday during the school year from 12:30 until 2:20 WHEN KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL so we can't even use it!


DaveCo said...

that's not right about the skating rink.

you should try to keep up your little petitons and such and expand to other things such as this. if you work to get a group of kid skaters and go to city hall saying that the rin k should have public skating earlier they shoudl listen.

you're right too.....what are kids in this city supposed to do? go to playgrounds that are horribly kept up and play outside in neighborhoods where gangs and stupid children run rampant?

This city is horrible. We need change,bad

DaveCo said...

oh,and if you want to use my logo on your site,i'd suggest putting it somewhere other than a post,like on the side,so it's always up there for people to see.

Daryl said...

Hey Alex, I just wanted to let you know that I think you are making wonderful efforts for your town of Lynn and you should be commended for your hard-work and dedication. Best of luck and I will be sure to spread the word!