Sunday, September 2, 2007

Other Sites I didn't Know I was On

Since I started this blog people have sent me links to a couple of sites that had my picture on it. I don't know who took the pictures but they obviously saw me at the games. Some of these pictures are pretty cool.

Anyone know who Boston Fan in Michigan is?

This is going to be a great day! The ICE SKATING RINK is open this afternoon for the first time since April and there is a North Shore Spirit game tonight!


Anonymous said...

Trezza and the North Shore Spirit should hire this kid as their PR director

Anonymous said...

Way to go Victoria, nice Blog!!.
Keep up the good work and....
Keep swingin', just don't swing @ pitches in the dirt.


DaveCo said...

They should hire quite a few people as PR director......this one has the cuteness factor,whereas others don't.

Anonymous said...

Great job Vicky! Cool blog!