Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back on top in AL

The double header on Saturday was great. I'm glad we're breaking out of the slump. Well I admit the games were a little messy but at least we won so maybe we'll get out of the slump. Let's go Red Sox!

We're going to the Celtics Game 7 today with the YMCA. We get to go on the court & meet the players b4 the game. But when the director Tony told us about the Celtics I asked if we could change the Celtics tickets for Red Sox but we can't so I'll just take a radio & headphones so I can listen to the Sox during the Celtics game.

I got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday from Andrew at Inkline Marketing- a Red Sox jersey, some autographed Red Sox pictures, baseball cards, a Carlton Fiske Bobblehead & an Adam Hyzdu autographed mini helmet & autographed Bill Lee photograph. Thanks Andrew

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