Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Only April It's Only April It's Only April

It's only April It's only April It's Only April
If we have to get swept better in April than October. Although I have taken the recent losing streak pretty hard. I actually cried in my seat at Fenway when the Angels defeated the Red Sox 7-5 on Thursday, April 24. It was my third game this year & the first one we lost but I loved seeing David Ortiz hit that home run and Justin Masterson was pretty awesome for someone who has only played AA Ball. But I'm not even going to talk about the series with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays

I just keep telling myself It's only April & once the guys are over the flu and injuries we'll be winning again. I can't wait to see Jason Varitek and Schilling and Lowell back in the game. I was so GLAD when the SOX re-signed him. We haven't seen enough of Jonathan Papelbon either. But they're my Red Sox & I love them whether we win or lose

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