Saturday, August 30, 2008

Miss Jocelyn Red Sox White Sox

Red Sox/White Sox Aug. 29 Game
I had a bad week. My favorite counselor from the YMCA Miss Jocelyn drowned in Salem and I was sad. Her funeral was Friday and I was really sad. I loved her a lot. She taught me to swim and always made us laugh. She was a real good artist too. My Grandma wanted to cheer me up so we went to Boston and we got tickets for the game from Hig's tickets. They were awesome seats. We were 3 rows behind the Red Sox Bullpen. Jonathan Papelbon was hanging out in the Bullpen and I got to get real close to him. I got a picture of his car in the players parking lot too. He has a cool black Mercedes. The Red Sox beat the White Sox BIG TIME


Michael Leggett said...

My Condolences in the case of that tragedy involving Miss Jocelyn:

Cool Yankee Hater Cap to complement your Varitek Jersey

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

It's my Kid Nation Captain Jersey the Sox gave me not a Varitek jersey. It's awesome on the back it says Glidden and instead of a number it has KN (Kid Nation)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your friend. I knwo she's watching over you from heaven and I'm sure she's very proud of you. GO SOX