Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New York City for my Birthday Altar Boyz & Rude Yankees Fans

I went to New York City to see the Altar Boyz for my birthday. It is my FAVE off-Broadway show. We had front row seats for the show & it was my first trip to NYC. It was the best birthday I ever had. I wore Red Sox stuff all weekend in NYC. The Yankees fans were SO RUDE. They booed me at the Empire State Building because I had on a Red Sox hat and shirt. One guy was so rude & asked if I knew NY was Yankees territory so I asked him if he knew where the World Series trophy was. I had so much fun. I got to ice skating in Rockerfeller Center and I saw "STOMP." want to go back every year for my birthday.
This is a picture of my with Matthew from the Altar Boyz & pictures of me at the Empire State Building

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Anonymous said...

You're brave wearing Red Sox stuff in New York City. Those Yankee fans are vicious. Hope you get to se the Red Sox beat the Yankees in NY some day