Saturday, November 10, 2007

College Ball NECBL Replacing North Shore Spirit at Fraser Field?

Here are some of my thoughts on this:
***Steve and mayor Clancy are wrong! Some college kids playing college ball for a couple of months will not fill the void left by the Spirit leaving.I don't know why people are excited about this. Think about it. If the Red Sox were booted out of Fenway Park would everyone be jumping for joy if the Pennsylvania Road Warriors decided to play at Fenway. I don't think so.

*** Someone suggested having the NECBL Holyoke Giants use the Spirit name. NO! There will only be one Spirit. That's like having the Red Sox leave Fenway & naming some non-pro ball team that decides to play at Fenway the Boston Red Sox. It would be terrible. It's like swearing.

*** I'm only 9 but even I know the difference between college baseball, CanAm league ball, Indie Ball and farm teams. I've seen college baseball games and they are not very good. And how can you be a real fan of a team that has a whole new set of players every season? That's lame.

This is part of a story on
By Steve Krause / The Daily Item
LYNN - Fans who feel the void left by the departure of the North Shore Spirit may soon have a new team to follow.
The New England Collegiate Baseball League - which consists of players culled from various college teams around the country - is on the verge of agreeing to move its Holyoke franchise to Lynn in time for next season, Mayor Edward J. Clancy Jr. said Thursday.
The new team could be officially approved Tuesday, if the Lynn Stadium Commission votes in favor of the proposed lease, Clancy said...
Clancy said the lease compares with the one the city gave the Spirit: $1 from June 1 through Sept. 30.
"We're not in this to make a dime," he said. "We want to have the facility used, and kept in pristine condition, and be available for a people to go out and have nice, affordable family entertainment."
That was the Spirit's objective too. And Clancy said that the city's experience with the Spirit and its owner, Nick Lopardo, is one of the reasons that the NECBL and Holyoke owner Phil Rosenfield, a Swampscott native, were so anxious to enter the Lynn market.
"The Spirit's presence, and what Nick did, and what the city did in partnership, speaks volumes about the marketability of Fraser Field," Clancy said. "Fraser Field has been deemed a safe, family-friendly location for sporting events for people and families all summer long."

"We're very pleased that someone is going to come forward and fill the void that the Spirit left," Clancy said. "And we'll all go forward, hopefully

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